Adrian Mateos Receives Lots of Entries for Triton’s Luxon Pay Invitational (TV Link)

RegisterLuxon Pay Invitational200k $ will be forced to edit the official website within minutes of the tournament, which will be available live on the regular Triton Poker Series channel from 1pm.

Since collecting the names we created yesterday, a lottery has taken place, which has added no less than 20 players.

In this version, it was not necessary to increase the previously set maximum number of participants, to a total of 64, due to the lack of two volunteers to complete the form.

Finally, thanks to the Triton serial cameras, we will have to use our own equipment to see the final composition of the field of interest, reminding you that thanks to Sergio Aido and Invitation from Adrian Mateos, Hispanic contestant confirmed.

The list we made yesterday was compiled by Triton and the tournament’s dedicated website includes these players.

Adds many new additions to this list in tandem, if we sincerely want Believe the invite-to-merchant-to-register model that the Triton series loves, they’re here for the same reason to ensure it’s used in the Luxon Pay Invitational.

  • Anson Ewe invited Li Weijie.
  • Orpen Kisacikoglu, invited <
  • Eddie Ke Ke Ti Tran invited Nacho Barbero.
  • Mikalai Vaskaboinikau, invites Nick Petrangelo.
  • Samuel Ju, invite Brian Kim to invite>.
  • Jenya Gavrilovich, he invited Daniel Dvoress.

In addition to these supplements that appear in it, the official website has been collected, the list of participants has been completed, and the identities of the couples have not yet been determined.

We have decided on the structure of the tournament as mentioned on other occasions, but now is the most opportune moment, bearing in mind that during the first eight levels of play, the entire first day, VIP and Pro players remain separate .

The championship cannot be purchased later, and the shelf life is three days. Late registration is still possible until the contestants reassemble.

Good luck to the Spaniards, who start at different tables for the time being.

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