Adrian Mateos & Tom Bedell Choreograph The Season’s Best Handwriting at Winamax Live (Episode 13)

Adrian Mateos & Tom Bedell Choreograph The Season'...

Winamax just brought us a second A new chapter in the Winamax Live Conference season.

Grand Casino Aranjuez is hosting a new installment of the French Room version of the Mystery High Stakes Cash Games series, a theme that has been around since poker appeared on television in the early 2000s It was greatly appreciated by the audience.

Shows like the first season of the series, High Stakes Poker, which you can fully enjoy at our Winamax Live Sessions Archive revealing some of the players who grew up in front of the camera and in the most difficult situations personality. Already crowd favorites such as Yaman Nakdali or Tom Bedell, they are once again part of the new table lineup.

Vicente Delgado and Tom Bedell, especially the latter, had a very significant impact on the charts. The Norwegian player is the subject of two of the episode’s most notable hands, one of which may well be the best of the season.

The same player also folds at the other end of the board. Adrien Mateos. Only a few times do we get a chance to see the armor crumble to reveal the poker machine’s most human side, namely Adri. He had to pull off “the bravado of the year,” in his own words, and it was no easy feat.

Adrian Mateos & Tom Bedell Choreograph The Season'...

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