ADTP announces schedule, more than 130 applicants

The ADTP 2023 event hosted by PokerWeb announced t...

Seat reservations for the 7th Annual Conference of Poker Tournament Directors and Other Market Pros scheduled for July 17 in São Paulo have been open since the beginning of the month, with more than 130 pros signing up. This event is completely free, reservations are required so the organization is predictableRegarding the number of people who should be present. However, due to the limited capacity of the rooms where the event will be held, attendance is limited to 160 people.

The event, held since 2011, aims to discuss and promote the rules of poker tournaments. Standardization organizations throughout Latin America showcase the latest industry trends according to TDA standards and provide a discussion forum for attendees. In addition to providing discussion and information on the rules of poker tournaments, the conference will provide opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration within the poker community. and collaboration within the poker community.


The organizers of the ADTP 2023 event hosted by PokerWeb are also pleased to announce that the event schedule will be developed throughout July 17th and will Bring rich content and progress to attendees in attendance.

The event will begin at 9:00 am with a complimentary breakfast to all attendees during the inspection – and certification process. Various content, discussions and exception workshops follow, until the event concludes at 7:30 pm with certificates of participation and a farewell coffee break.

Date: July 17, 2023Time: 9:00 am – 8:00 pmLocation: Sheraton World Trade Center Hotel – Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

Although this is an event open to all and completely free, to book your participation you must prepay R$ 50.00 through the ADTP website. This fee will be fully refunded to participants on the day of the event and is only used to ensure attendance and allow predictable and predictable scheduling of the eventCorrect number of participants.


A big thanks to the sponsors who make this conference completely free to all attendees.

About ADTP:

The Association of Tournament Directors of Poker (ADTP) is a leading organization dedicated to the poker industry by promoting excellence and professionalism. ADTP brings together race directors, venues, dealers and other professionals and provides a platform for collaboration, education and advancement across the industry. It’s worth noting that the ADTP is not a poker tournament regulator, nor does it certify or register professionals. ADTP is a source of discussion and guidance for standardizing rules against internationally recognized industry standards. In previous editions, each session more than 100 professionals gathered in São Paulo to discuss poker tournament rules and vote on possible changes to unify the rules and procedures used. usage instructions.

The ADTP 2023 event hosted by PokerWeb announced t...

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