Arrested for playing poker in Spanish bar

Where do you play poker? Depending on the legislation, in casinos or authorized sites. Do you want to play at home? As a casual game between friends, it’s certainly fine. Now, in a bar, incognito, with money on the table… things can’t go well. This happened in Spain where three people were imprisoned during a game held at a restaurant.

Agents of Mossos d’Esquadra of the Catalan Police busted an illegal poker game in Terrassa, Barcelona, ​​several years Formerly known as the venue for the Hockey World Championships. Police arrested three people for gambling at makeshift tables at the bar. Besides the cards and tokens, there is 1,000 euros, which is about logical play money. Although local laws prohibit any form of unlicensed gambling.

In order to avoid being discovered, the unidentified player called up the game in the room next to the bar and tried every means to avoid being discovered. There is a wall of cardboard and plaster to keep them out of sight, but it doesn’t help.

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In addition to the three playing poker, there are two watching the game. Justice summoned the three players and the bar manager, but not the spectators. They were eventually released with warnings, although their names will likely remain on the police radar for some time to come.

Police were called to the pub after reports of this happening. The case could become a hotspot for illegal drugs, robberies and gambling. They were right, because when they got to the bar, they also found three stolen electric skateboards and illegal drugs.

Provisions of Spanish Gambling Law

Spain legalized gambling in 1977, but gave 17 autonomous regions (and two municipalities) the right to set their own standards. 2011 was the year Spanish gambling laws were updated across the country, although municipalities still wield a great deal of control. Even today, the rules are constantly changing.

It is true that cash games are only allowed in casinos such as Casino de Barcelona or in approved poker rooms. In a breakthrough for the community, the Spanish Revenue Agency released a statement from the Ministry of Finance and Taxation on March 28 that equated poker players to golfers, drivers or tennis playersstrong>/ And accept them as professional athletes so they pay taxes too.

In addition to the purpose of the measure, it would be positive to include poker as a (mind) sport or one of the traditional activities.

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  • This text discusses the legality of playing poker in different settings in Spain, highlighting a recent case where three people were arrested for an illegal game in a bar. It also mentions the evolving gambling laws in the country, including a recent statement considering poker players as professional athletes for tax purposes.

  • The text discusses the regulations and legalities surrounding poker in Spain, highlighting a recent incident where an illegal game was busted. It also mentions the evolving laws and the recognition of poker players as professional athletes for taxation purposes.

  • This text discusses the legality of poker in Spain and highlights the consequences of participating in illegal poker games. It also mentions the changing regulations surrounding gambling laws in the country and suggests that poker players should be recognized as professional athletes for tax purposes.

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