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Rodrigo Selouan takes the lead in Event 6 at Triton London

Rodrigo Selouan takes the lead in Event 6 at Trito...

Two 9tales stars join the race for another high roller title at the Triton Series in London. At the end of Day 1 of Event 6: US$60,000 NL Hold’em, Rodrigo Seloun finished fifth with 1,030,000 chips (about 69 BBS). Meanwhile, Bruno Volkmann was under the tournament limit of 650,000. Overall, the Santa Catarina pro has 585,000 chips and just over 39 BBS are available.

While Selouan has never been an ITM for Triton, Volkmann took part in his third FT a few days ago at the festival a few years ago. In Event 2: US$25,000 NL Hold’em GGMasters, he finished third for US$324,000.

Towards the end of the day, Rodrigo Seiji lost all his chips. Before him, Yuri Martins and Pablo Brito were also eliminated.

The leader of the 32 survivors was Jason Koon. The Triton record holder and seven-time champion has 1,570,000 in chips.

The promotion will continue on Tuesday the 1st at 8:30am (Brasilia time) with 17 participants taking part in a $6,240,000 prize pool. Check out all the prizes up for grabs:

1. $1,570,000

2. $1,060,300

3. $690,000

4. $571,000

5. $460,600

6. $363,000

7. $277,500

8. $209,000

9. $156,000

10-11. $128,000

12-13. $112,300

14-15. $103,000

16-17. $98,000

Rodrigo Selouan takes the lead in Event 6 at Trito...

Leonardo Azevedo Wins KSOP GGPoker Advanced Warm Up Championship

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Leonardo Azevedo shines on t...

The KSOP GGPoker Premium Warmup Champion has been won. “At home”, Rio’s Leonardo Azevedo took advantage of his best home performance to win the game with the most cost-effective starting line-up. To complete a beautiful saga, the player from Rio de Janeiro has earned a six-figure sum on his account and will be able to play the entire series at his leisure.

Leonardo is a professional player and is currently playing for Pocarr Latina (Pocarr Latina) is doing well, especially in the final stage of the game, he won the championship. Leonardo left several good names at the final table, eventually qualifying out of 1,323 entrants and taking home R$140,000 for his performance in the tournament.

Barriga said of the success: “It’s been a lot of struggle, a lot of dedication, a lot of work. We know it’s not easy to make a living out of the sport, especially when you’re a pro. I’ve been in a downturn for over a year now…it’s a huge motivation to keep going. There’s something special about playing at home and the champions have to go to Rio anyway,” he said.

This The Rio pro came into the final table with the fourth-best stack, making a very solid decision. His stack is always good, and when eliminations happen his stack will increase. In the four-handed game, the decisive moment came when Leonardo took the lead in the game and never left.

He picked up a big hand against former chip leader Matheus Abrantes, eventually knocking out his strong opponent with a winning stack far superior to the competition. In a three-handed match, Elson Borges also lost to Leonardo Azevedo, while in a three-handed match against André Leão In the heads-up match, the Pocar player had a huge advantage. André was close to a draw, but Leonardo confirmed his preference and became the champion.

“In the foursomes, I thought it was over. Getting rid of Matthews made me more confident in the championship. I learned a lot of HU and I knew when I got there, It’s going to be difficult for them. I was leading at one point but it ended in a draw. But I stuck to the plan and everything went well,” said the warm-up champion.

During the entire final table, especially at critical moments, there were many spectators around Leonardo. Dov Santos was one of those who cheered for Rio, and even celebrated live-streamed after the victory was confirmed. Of course, Leonardo did not ignore this:

“Your support was a good encouragement and it made an impact. But I think I played well and I also ran a lot. Seats are standard.”, with only one or two difficult moves. It was easy in the end. I did mine and that’s all. ’ concluded the departing winner, ready to celebrate more.

Check out the final table prizes:

1. Placement – ​​Leonardo Azer Vito (Rio/RJ) – R$140,000

2nd Place – André Leão (São Paulo/São Paulo) – R$100,000

3rd – Elson Bol Elson Borges (Campo Grande/MS) – R$ 65,000

4. – Matheus Abrantes (Niteroi/RJ) – R$40,000

5 – Elvis Siqueira (Florianópolis/SC) – R$26,700

6. – Ramiro Vallejo (Colombia) – R$20,400

7. – Jorge Santos (São João do Meriti/RJ) – 17,000 Reals

8. Place – Vinícius Pinheiro (Tramandaí/RS) – R$14,190

9th Place 1st Place – Lucas Orli Watts (Volta Redonda/RJ) – R$12,000

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Leonardo Azevedo shines on t...

Fedor Holz Steps Into 2023 WSOP Final High Roller Bubble

Fedor Holz Steps Into 2023 WSOP Final High Roller...

Phenomenon Fedor Holz exits Event 84: $50,000 NL Hold’em High Roller in the ITM bubble, looking for his first WSOP 2023 cash. After flipping A?K♥ against Brandon Wittmeyer’s 10?10♥, he found no outs on the Q♠6♣4♠9♥2♠ board and left the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas with empty pockets .

Daniel Negreanu, on the other hand, was far luckier than the young European. Just before the bubble burst, he found two outs that broke Espen Jørstad’s pair of aces.

Brazilian Pedro Garagnani lost a large pot and was eliminated in 25th place. 9tales members won a total of $80,920. See how he’s gone:

Pedro moved all-in from the 40,000/80,000 blinds with BB ante holding A♠J♣ and raised straight to 160,000 minutes from the cutoff, according to the PokerNews portal . Meanwhile, Justin Kindred defended his big hand and announced a 3-bet all-in for $1,650,000. Pedro thought it through and called with 1,400,000 in chips. Kindred, holder of 7♣7♦, hit a K♣J♦7♠4♠K♥ board from the big blind.

The WSOP took home $8,404,000 in Event 84 by registering 176 entrants. In addition to the gold bracelet, the winner will receive $2,087,073 in prize money.

Fedor Holz Steps Into 2023 WSOP Final High Roller...

WSOP: 40 Brazilians Advance on Day 1D of the Main Event

WSOP: Vitor Coutinho, Lucas Scafini and Cauê Moura...

Event #72 – The opening day of the $10,000 WSOP Main Event is over. The final chance to play in the first blind of the year’s biggest tournament comes on Thursday on Day 1D.

A historical record that had stood since 2006 was also broken on this day. With 4,100 entrants on Day 1D, the Main Event attracted 9,337 entrants, easily breaking the 17-year mark of 8,773 entrants. That number is expected to grow as Day 2ABC and 2D continue to offer entries. A total of 3,208 players qualified for the tournament, including 40 Brazilians.

Leading the lead was Leonardo Nogueira, who turned 60,000 chips into 144,500. It was followed by the Hilton Laborda. The 2011 WSOP top player in Brazil, Amazonian, scored 141,600 points.

Vitor Coutinho (119,900), Lucian Silveira (111,600), Lucas Scafini (108,200), Gualter Fortuna (106,400), Pedro Mendes (105,700) also got bigger. YouTuber and 888poker ambassador Cauê Moura made his Main Event debut with 104,800 chips.

Learn more: Streaming for the WSOP, donating $200 to over 140 people and attracting attention World’s Greatest YouTuber

Overall The chip leader is Nicholas Rigby. The Americans took 408,800 prisoners. Chris Hunichen (321,200), Chance Kornuth (241,500), Scott Nguyen (221,000) and Phil Hellmuth (105,800) were among the leaders.

Day 2D will start this Saturday (08) at 4pm (Brasilia time) Blinds are back to 400/800, Big Blind Ante.

Check Brazil chip count:

Leonardo Nogueira 144,500

Hilton Laboda 141,600

Vito Coutinho 119,900

Lucien Silveira 111,600

Lucas Scaffini 108,200

Goult Sales 106,400

Pedro Mendez 105,700Kaumola 104,800

Vito Bengozzi 104,500

Pedro Barossi 104,300

Frederico Doneras 102,000

Joseph Bloom Pacheco 100,800

Joao Valli 97,100

Francisco Baruffi 92,300

Luis Miranda Diaz 92,000

Marcelo Drum 88,300

Gustavo Gazzoni 87,300

Ender Lie Cabrini 83,700

Marcos Extecote 81,000

Jonathan Walter 78,500

Enrique Batista 60,800

Laura Sintra 58,700

Marcelo Lanza 55,600

Andrea Lichtenstein 55,100

Vinicius Perry 50,400

Francisco Correa 48,000

Wellington Ferreira 47,500

Ed Cruz 45,500

Fred Dabbs 42,800

Gustavo Hess 40,400

Fernando Vitwivin 37,500

Ferli Pe de Paul 35,500

Rodrigo Motoki 34,700

Thiago Franco 31.00

Paolo Joanello 30,600

Louis Kame 25,400

Alison Pikazevic 20,100

Adnan Yahya 18,600

Rafael Reis 14,500Gustavo Kamei 10,500

WSOP: Vitor Coutinho, Lucas Scafini and Cauê Moura...

ADTP announces schedule, more than 130 applicants

The ADTP 2023 event hosted by PokerWeb announced t...

Seat reservations for the 7th Annual Conference of Poker Tournament Directors and Other Market Pros scheduled for July 17 in São Paulo have been open since the beginning of the month, with more than 130 pros signing up. This event is completely free, reservations are required so the organization is predictableRegarding the number of people who should be present. However, due to the limited capacity of the rooms where the event will be held, attendance is limited to 160 people.

The event, held since 2011, aims to discuss and promote the rules of poker tournaments. Standardization organizations throughout Latin America showcase the latest industry trends according to TDA standards and provide a discussion forum for attendees. In addition to providing discussion and information on the rules of poker tournaments, the conference will provide opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration within the poker community. and collaboration within the poker community.


The organizers of the ADTP 2023 event hosted by PokerWeb are also pleased to announce that the event schedule will be developed throughout July 17th and will Bring rich content and progress to attendees in attendance.

The event will begin at 9:00 am with a complimentary breakfast to all attendees during the inspection – and certification process. Various content, discussions and exception workshops follow, until the event concludes at 7:30 pm with certificates of participation and a farewell coffee break.

Date: July 17, 2023Time: 9:00 am – 8:00 pmLocation: Sheraton World Trade Center Hotel – Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

Although this is an event open to all and completely free, to book your participation you must prepay R$ 50.00 through the ADTP website. This fee will be fully refunded to participants on the day of the event and is only used to ensure attendance and allow predictable and predictable scheduling of the eventCorrect number of participants.


A big thanks to the sponsors who make this conference completely free to all attendees.

About ADTP:

The Association of Tournament Directors of Poker (ADTP) is a leading organization dedicated to the poker industry by promoting excellence and professionalism. ADTP brings together race directors, venues, dealers and other professionals and provides a platform for collaboration, education and advancement across the industry. It’s worth noting that the ADTP is not a poker tournament regulator, nor does it certify or register professionals. ADTP is a source of discussion and guidance for standardizing rules against internationally recognized industry standards. In previous editions, each session more than 100 professionals gathered in São Paulo to discuss poker tournament rules and vote on possible changes to unify the rules and procedures used. usage instructions.

The ADTP 2023 event hosted by PokerWeb announced t...

WSOP: Armada Slams Big in Explosive Event #65

WSOP: Armada Slams Big in Explosive Event #65

Event #65: $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em (6 Max) was a huge hit at the WSOP at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas. Excluding attendees who used late registration on the second day, attendance surpassed the 920 attendees for 2022, as 1,098 submissions were received on day one. The current prize pool is $5,046,200, surpassing the prize pool that entered the first level on Thursday.

4Cacho Korn battles Stars for another bracelet

There are only 381 hopefuls left, including several Hispanic Latinos and a large number of Brazilians. The Uruguayan duo Fabrizio Gonzalez and Pablo Melogno lead the former in 64th and 65th place respectively. Today they have a chance to move up the rankings.

As well as Nacho Barbero, Maxi Veyga, Ariel Mantel, Leo Fernandez, Papo MC and Ezequiel Waigel, the Argentine is still in contention at the WSOP, albeit from a distance.

Yuliyan Kolev, WSOP Event #65 leader.

In an atypical podium, no American took the top spot. Yuliyan Kolev -bu- (521,500) leads the chip stack, but is followed by Ting Yi Tsai (471,500) and Ren Lin -ta- (368,000) behind his heels. The Bulgarian’s goal follows on from acquiring a new bracelet last year, which he remembers showing up using a KFC container as a hat. The flamboyant player has every chance of winning his second WSOP bracelet. What will he show in this situation?

Event #65: $5,000 Six-Hand No-Limit Hold’em

Buy-In: $5,000Participants: 1,097Partial Pot: $5,046,200*. Average Chip Stack: 140,945*Registration is still open.

Counting Top 10

1° Yuliyan Kolev – 521,0002° Cai Tingyi – 471.5003° -ta- Punnat Punsri – 422.5004° Matt Burkey – 370,0005° Tony Lim – 369,0006° Jonathan McCann – 364,0007° Zachary Greche – 360,0008° Pavel Spirin – 356.5009° Cody Jones – 325,00010° Carlos Chada-Villamarin – 317,000

Latino (Spanish speaking) on ​​the run

64. Fabrizio Gonzalez – 233,50065. Pablo Melonio – 233,500107° Nacho Barbero – 181.500116° Maximiliano Vega – 175.500155° Giuseppe Callio – 147.000182° Ariel Mantel – 130,500231° Leo Fernandez – 104,500236° Alejando Papo MC locomotive – 101,500237° Ezequiel Weigle – 101,500351° Christian Roberts – 45,000

*All Count

WSOP: Armada Slams Big in Explosive Event #65

Bruno Volkamann Wins GGWF Event 112-S – Online Poker Magazine

Bruno Volkamann seals the deal in GGWF event 112-S

In a rather lukewarm period for the Brazilian, star player Bruno Volkmann took part in GGPoker and scored another impressive result at the High Roller World Gala. In Event 112-S: Wednesday Double Stack HR $2,625, he won $68,256 after going heads-up with Alex Kulev. The Bulgarian in turn added $76,137 to his bankroll. The Bulgarian topped the list with $76,137, and the Santa Catarina native also won the token title.

History repeated itself in Event 112-H: Éder Campana and Fellipe Drapichinski pocketed $34,538 and $33,006 respectively after a $250 double-stack on Wednesday.

Also at GGWF, Pablo Brito withdrew from Event 111-S: $5,250 Bounty Hunter Super High Roller Heads-Up. Bahian finished second for $38,244.

Allan Mello is the highlight of the site’s regular MTTs. “Freedom35” account holders won $15,455 in the $250 Daily Main Event.

Bruno Volkamann seals the deal in GGWF event 112-S

Nacho Barbero’s polemic: “MSI is for the poor”.

Nacho Barbero's polemic:

Without a doubt, 2023 is the year of Nacho Barbero . In those five months, his name has been widely known, thanks to a string of cashes that propelled him to the top of the poker world. He’s won championships around the world, been named to the new American Card Room professional team, and now a line that caused much controversy a few months ago has surfaced: “The ICM is for Prepared by the poor.”

His explosiveness has now landed him on the cover of Cardplayer International magazine, and they gave him an interview titled this line, but Nacho Barbero also talked about a lot of topics like his 2022 big hit in the world of cryptocurrencies suffering due to the collapse of the Luna digital currency. “I want to make $100 million,” Barbero pointed out. However, through this crush, he lost about 95% of his net worth in a matter of days.

It was a difficult time for the Argentines. “I was so depressed I didn’t have sex for two months,” he said. But in this state, he found redemption: “I told myself that the money would come back.”

A little over two months later, he started to deliver on his promise: the former Magic The pro entered the 2022 WSOP with 11 cash wins, most notably in the Event #67 $10K Super Turbo Bounty NLH where he won the Champion sold for $587,511 , Realized his dream of owning a bracelet. “I’m relieved. To be honest, it’s been a poker dream of mine to win a bracelet,” said Barbero.

Nacho Barbero standing next to his first bracelet.

But that’s not the end of the series. He continued raising money across Europe before heading to the Bahamas, where his biggest prize awaits. After five days of play, he finished fourth in the $25,000 PokerStars Players Championship for $1,551,300.

Instead of taking a break, Barbero headed to Vietnam and after a bumpy trip with several missed flights, he won his first Triton Series event and will A $15,000 buy-in becomes $600,000. He also finished second in another $25,000 event a few days later for an additional $460,000.

In March, Barbero returned to Las Vegas, where he worked part-time and made five final tables in PokerGO’s US Poker Open series, including in the $10,000 PLO series Win $234,000.

Nacho Barbero’s

poker career start

Nacho is a prominent Magic: The Gathering player who played the card strategy game professionally for six years, traveling world and participate in championships.

In 2002, when Argentina was going through a major social and economic crisis, Nacho decided to accept a friend’s invitation to go to France and find his future there: “This man later became one of my best friends. One, he said, ‘What are you doing? You?’ Why don’t you come to France and live in my house? I watch my country burn, I watch my country burn, I watch my country burn, I Watching my country burn. I watched my country burn so I told my mom I was sorry but I finished my studies and I wanted to go to France.

This is the first step into poker , because one thing led to another.” My friend Gabriel Nassif, one of the best Magic players of all time, joined me as a member of Team PokerStars Pro. “He went to the US and met other top Magic players, including current professional poker player David Williams , they introduced him to online poker.

Nacho Barbero is the Argentine National Magic Champion. The Argentine says he still plays high-stakes games.

“In France, I saw my friend testing decks, I saw him play $2 to $5 on partypoker. I asked him if I could play with his account and he said yes. The first night I played, I saw someone bet 2-3 different suits in a row in limit hold’em, which made me think it was a good hand. So you can imagine how I ended this session. It tore me to shreds. Somehow, I lost $800 playing limit hold’em, and I couldn’t sleep that night because I was shaking all over. But it’s still early days for online esports, and I see a lot of free money up for grabs. Then we started playing poker. “


Nacho Barbero

‘s path

After years of winning live tournaments including a historic triple title on the Latin American Poker Tour , the Argentine retired to cash games and barely played live games for two years, just to relax his focus on the high-stakes game.

“I had no real interest in playing four or five day tournaments where I could win or lose the same amount of money in one match. But after my incident with Luna, I went back to the tough Situation, difficult situation.” It started. But I really like it and now I’m more motivated.

Barbero has won his third LAPT trophy. So far no one has succeeded with him.

What is the largest cash pot you have played in your career?

Asked about the biggest pot he’s ever played in a cash game, the Argentine replied: “I was playing a private game in Las Vegas and a multi-millionaire showed up. First hand He raised and I called with A-4 of the suit. The flop was A-3-2, my flush draw. He bet and I called. The turn was the 10 and he checked. I bet $30,000 and he check-raised to $90,000. I called and the river turned into a brick. My opponent sent $200,000. I sat with a couple who hated my life at the time I ended up calling and the wild bastard was 9-5 behind.”

Is ICM for the poor?

ICM (Independent Chip Model) is based on the need to know the value of each chip at any point in the game. Do the chip values ​​change based on game time? Of course.

About two months ago, Barbero made a controversial withdrawal from a US Poker Open table and blurted out: “ICM is for the poor.” He is sweeping everything. At the time, Cardplayer Brasil wrote a post answering the sentence with a catchphrase like “No one can stop the year of Nacho!”, but without further context.

“ICM is for poor people” – Nacho Barbero, 2023 Nacho Barbero and Justin Young play a ridiculous hand with 5 hands left in US Poker Open 1. Barbero took ace jack and tested Young with his ace king. USPO 2023 is live now, with the final table live until April 4. Just follow all the action on PokerGO. Don’t forget to follow for more daily poker videos. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #poker #pokergo #nachobarbero #justinyoung #uspo #uspokeropen #texasholdem #pokertournaments #highstakespoker #tournamentpoker #goldeneagle

♬ OST – PokerGO

Now that the controversial phrase is on the cover of Cardplayer International, it’s once again causing a stir, especially as many tournament experts stress the importance of learning a standalone chip model in order to be able to compete in the tournament. The medium-pressure moments are excellent. The greatest is making complex decisions.

Nacho Barbero's polemic:

Learn about the card game at the museum

Learn about the card game at the museum

Today, in honor of World Museum Day, we would like to highlight a unique place to delight lovers of card games and history: the Museum of CardsParis refers to the Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer. This unique hotel in the heart of the city is a hidden treasure offering an unrivaled experience for those looking to explore the exciting world of card games.

There are poker inside the wall.

France is known for its wide range of museums to suit every taste, with more than 11,000 objects on display, including a deck or deck of cards, antique engravings, drawings, posters, artwork and player accessories.

This is a fascinating universe with a great story that reflects human pastime and some political events of the past six centuries. The collection covers everything from ancient Asian and European games to more modern ones such as the famous UNO. Also, the differences between the French game and the Spanish cards and the variation of the deck, whether it is 32 or 52 cards, or even 54, “wild cards” or “wild cards” explained . included. In the past, each region of France had its own deck of cards depicting regional characters or people.

“The origin of playing cards is related to the invention of paper. Most people believe that they originated in China in the 12th century. These cards were then spread from Asia to northern Italy via trade routes such as the Silk Road. The letters first Found in certain circles, especially at court. They were a hand-painted luxury item. But when the printing press came along, it became commonplace. Playing cards were soon associated with money and vice. In many parts of Europe Cities, such as B. Florence, decided to ban their destruction or incineration,” explained Denis Butaye, director of the Card Game Museum, in an interview with French media.

The museum has some great works on display. Among them is a 16th-century handcrafted tarot card corresponding to the “chariot”, which for connoisseurs means victory, overcoming obstacles and hope, or, conversely, danger, chaos and disease. As you can see, tarot cards don’t always have a divination purpose. In addition to its rich history, the museum also hosts gaming events and an annual poker tournament. It also features card magic shows and teaches academic card pastimes such as “Uta-garuta,” a Japanese game of reciting poems through decks of cards.

Video |Museum Short Tour

The Card Game Museum is a must-see for history, culture and card game lovers. Its diverse and fascinating collection offers a unique perspective on the development and importance of playing cards over the centuries.

Learn about the card game at the museum

Nacho Barbero’s fold on the bubble earns him $140,000

Nacho Barbero's fold on the bubble earns him $140,...

The Triton Series from Cyprus continues its route with two Event #8 $75,000 NLH 8-a-side highlights: Michael Soyza on one hand, but on the other On the other hand, a new significant cash from Nacho Barbero, who is at the point of his career Best Moment

Despite finishing 10th in that race, Americas Cardroom‘s Team Por won over $140,000 in Thanks in large part to his brilliant play on the bladder. This is one of those wrinkles that you don’t see very often.

Americas Cardroom The Pro Team is the only Latino team to make it to the ITM with $140,500 in prize money. But if he doesn’t manage to fold the cards that allow him to climb more positions and cash out, he could fall early and become a bubble. It seems that ICM is not always for the poor

Michael Soyzabecomes Game 8 of the Cyprus Triton Series was crowned and turned the $75,000 buy-in into an impressive $1.7 million prize pool. The win marks the second Triton title in Soyza’s illustrious career and brings his live tournament winnings total to more than $14 million. In addition, this result also marks the first time that the Malaysian team has won this race.

Hailing from Malaysia, Soyza is considered one of the top talents in Asia where he created the game with Triton founder Paul Phua and Richard Yong . Soyza has been an event since the series began A standout in 2019, showcasing his poker skills and ability to compete at the highest level.

At the final table, Soyza faced an impressive group of players, including Michael Adamo, Dan Smith and Mikita Badziakouski . Fortunately, Soyza had amassed a large chip stack when they met in the closing stages, allowing him to take on these giants with confidence. Soiza, it turns out, dominates most of the FT’s content.

However, in the final duel with Baziakoski, Soiza encountered real resistance. Badziakouski doubled up twice to level the stakes and push the game to the crunch time. On the final lap, Baziakoski attempted a bold move, which left Soiza with a difficult decision. Nonetheless, Soyza made the hero call with 10 5 on the 10 8 J 8 2 board and was up against Badziakouski’s hand, which showed 7 6.

“We’re here to fight,” Soyza later explained in an interview, acknowledging that Baziakoski worried him for a while. But Soyza did a fantastic job, earning a lot of praise. Badziakouski nearly won his fifth Triton title, but he took solace in the $1.2 million prize. In Soyza’s case, he became a double champion and wore a new Shamballa Jewels bracelet on his wrist.

Triton Series – Event #8 $75,000 NLH 8-a-side

Buy-in: $75,000. Entries: 87 (including 32 re-entries). Pot: $6,525,000

Final score

1 Michael Soyza – $1,735,000 2 Mikita Badziakouski – $1,200,000 3 Michael Addamo – $796,000 4 Dan Smith – $623,000 5 Vyacheslav Buldygin – $502,500 6° Matthias Eibinger – $391,500 7° Dylan Lind – $310,000 8° Artur Martirosian – $241,500 9° Mikalai Vaskaboinikau – $182,500 10° Nacho Barbero – $140,500 11 Christoph Vogelsang – $140,500 12° Santhosh Suvarna – $131,000 13° Ben Heath – $131,000

Nacho Barbero's fold on the bubble earns him $140,...

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