Erik Seidel wins WSOP Paradise 50K, earns 10th bracelet and $1.7M

Erik Seidel wins WSOP Paradise 50K, earns 10th bra...

Veteran Eric Seidel has opened another historic chapter in his enviable career. At the first WSOP Paradise, he won Event 7: the US$50,000 NL Hold’em Super High Roller, earning him his tenth bracelet. The victory earned the Poker Hall of Famer a total of $1,704,400.

“It feels really good to hit double digits. Every time you win a bracelet it’s very special. Having ten is a great feeling. It’s great that everything is going so well.” Seidel Said this to a reporter from the PokerNews portal.

Seidel began competing in WSOP tournaments in 1988. In his main event debut, he lost to last season’s defending champion Johnny Chan in a heads-up match. Four years later, the New York star hit the limit hold’em table and won the coveted gem.

In a FT filled with poker stars, Seidel once again proved he can beat pros from different generations. After knocking out Orpen Kisacikoglu in a three-way table match, he entered heads-up play against Seth Gottlieb with the advantage.

With 20 BBS remaining, Gottlieb decided to call Seidel’s all-in and showed A♠J♥. Dominating with Q♠10♠, Seidel found one of his outs on the 3♠5♥10♣ flop, but a running sequence on the 4° turn and 2° river delayed his victory.

Still as he took the lead, Seidel declared the championship over:

With blinds of 200,000/400,000 and a BB ante, Seidel went all-in and Gottlieb just checked. As soon as the flop came Q Г 6♥, both men passed the turn. On Round 5, Gottlieb bet 700,000 and got a call. Finally, Gottlieb c-beted 2,800,000 on the river 8♣. Seidel then raised to 9,500,000 before calling Gottlieb’s all-in move of 14 million. Seidel sealed the final set of the Super High Roller with 9♠7♦ against K♥6♦.

With 137 entrants and $50,000 in prize money, SHR awarded $6,850,000 in prize money. See how much each finalist earned:

1. Erik Seidel (USA) $1,704,400

2. Seth Gottlieb (USA) $1,052,800

3. Orpen Kisacikoglu (Turkey) $778,300

4. Jason Koon (USA) $582,100

5. Koichi Chiba (Japan) $440,500

6. Alex Fox (USA) $337,300

7. Jonathan Jaffe (USA) $261,400

8. Adrian Mateos (Spain) $205,000

9. Timothy Adams (Canada) $162,800

Erik Seidel wins WSOP Paradise 50K, earns 10th bra...

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  • Chadd.kautzer

    This text highlights the impressive achievement of Eric Seidel winning his tenth bracelet at the WSOP Paradise event. It emphasizes his long-standing career, success against poker stars from different generations, and the prize he received for his victory.

  • This text highlights the achievements of veteran poker player Eric Seidel, who recently won his tenth bracelet at the WSOP Paradise event. The author provides details about Seidel’s career and his recent victory, as well as information about the prize money distribution among the finalists.

  • Serenity.rice

    This text is a news article about veteran poker player Eric Seidel winning his tenth bracelet and earning a significant amount of money in the process. It highlights his career achievements and includes details about the final table and prize distribution.

  • I think the text highlights Eric Seidel’s impressive poker career, culminating in his tenth bracelet win at the WSOP Paradise event. Seidel’s victory in the US$50,000 NL Holdem Super High Roller is a testament to his skill and consistency in the competitive world of professional poker.

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