Four Questions You Must Answer Before You Become a Professional

Four Questions You Must Answer Before You Become a...

WSOP 2023 is over, but the fun isn’t over, with many players looking to the world’s largest poker festival as the inspiration to make the leap to the pros as you wish, There are several key factors in understanding the viability of such a plan.

While at first glance the off-air may seem like a perfect fit, his job is to throw himself on the table and the truth is, it’s worth grabbing a pen and paper and answering these questions as honestly as possible .

Answer all of these questions with “yes”: Probably means best chance of becoming a successful pro gamer, but it’s important to answer these questions subjectively.

Are you a winner?

If you want to become a professional gamer, it is important to be a proven winner. You need to start tracking results to get a clear picture of profitability. The main stats to consider are tournament ROI and BB/100 for cash. All are representative samples.

Are there any tools to deal with downturns like a pro?

Being a pro gamer inevitably means being able to handle downturns. Besides banking, it is also important to have a bank account that can cover living expenses for at least 6 to 12 months. Although it may take longer to leave your current job, having a financial buffer is an invaluable mental asset.

Do you have realistic money management?

Once you become a pro, bankroll management is critical to surviving at the poker table. While some strategies may be more aggressive or conservative than others, it is generally recommended that tournaments or cash games have at least 100 buy-ins at this level.

Learning poker?

Poker is constantly evolving, and improving your skills is crucial. If you enjoy studying and analyzing the hands you’ve played, you’re in a great position. The best professionals dedicate 7 to 16 hours a week to learning. You must have the willingness and discipline to work hard outside the poker table.

If you are a proven winner, have an emergency fund, good money management and like to learn, then you may think you can take the plunge, but success is not guaranteed.

Four Questions You Must Answer Before You Become a...


  • Jaunita.ritchie

    The text provides valuable insights and considerations for aspiring professional gamers, emphasizing the importance of being a proven winner, having financial stability, realistic money management, and a willingness to continuously learn and improve. However, it also highlights that success in becoming a professional gamer is not guaranteed, despite meeting these criteria.

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