Lamela wins third EPT Barcelona title for Uruguay

Lamela wins third EPT Barcelona title for Uruguay

Uruguay, name. again. Charrúa’s poker talent is inexhaustible, and the EPT Barcelona on the Rio de la Plata once again witnessed the power of this small country, which once again emerged from the Catalan tables A number of trophies were lifted, the last of which was in the hands ofJorge Lamela.

After the titles of Alejandro Lopez and Matias Duarte, on the final race day, in Ramella shines in Event #63 NLH Super Hyper Turbo to win and add third blue pica at Casino Barcelona .

Ramella won this event with a buy-in of €1,050, of which104 players were registered, so the prize money of €99,840was divided among the top 15 players, among whom Charrúa was After beating Casey Kastle

This figure is due toa trade for a third player, allowing the Slovenian to do this. He received €20,440 for second place, while Italian Filippo Lazzaretto received €14,950 for finishing on the podium.

Following RamellaLuciano Macchiarelli

Lamela wins third EPT Barcelona title for Uruguay

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  • Odessa.pfeffer

    This text highlights the success of Uruguayan poker players at the EPT Barcelona tournament. It mentions Jorge Lamela as the latest player from Uruguay to win a trophy, adding to the titles won by Alejandro Lopez and Matias Duarte. The text also mentions the prize money distribution and the notable performances of other players like Casey Kastle and Filippo Lazzaretto.

  • The text praises the poker talent of Uruguay and highlights the recent success of Uruguayan players at the EPT Barcelona tournament. It provides details of Jorge Lamela’s victory in an event, along with the prize money and the rankings of other players. Overall, it portrays Uruguay as a small country with a formidable presence in the poker world.

  • I think the text is highlighting the poker talent of players from Uruguay and their success at the EPT Barcelona. Jorge Lamela’s victory adds to a string of wins for Uruguayan players at the event, showcasing their skill on the international stage.

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