Learn about the card game at the museum

Learn about the card game at the museum

Today, in honor of World Museum Day, we would like to highlight a unique place to delight lovers of card games and history: the Museum of CardsParis refers to the Musée Français de la Carte à Jouer. This unique hotel in the heart of the city is a hidden treasure offering an unrivaled experience for those looking to explore the exciting world of card games.

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France is known for its wide range of museums to suit every taste, with more than 11,000 objects on display, including a deck or deck of cards, antique engravings, drawings, posters, artwork and player accessories.

This is a fascinating universe with a great story that reflects human pastime and some political events of the past six centuries. The collection covers everything from ancient Asian and European games to more modern ones such as the famous UNO. Also, the differences between the French game and the Spanish cards and the variation of the deck, whether it is 32 or 52 cards, or even 54, “wild cards” or “wild cards” explained . included. In the past, each region of France had its own deck of cards depicting regional characters or people.

“The origin of playing cards is related to the invention of paper. Most people believe that they originated in China in the 12th century. These cards were then spread from Asia to northern Italy via trade routes such as the Silk Road. The letters first Found in certain circles, especially at court. They were a hand-painted luxury item. But when the printing press came along, it became commonplace. Playing cards were soon associated with money and vice. In many parts of Europe Cities, such as B. Florence, decided to ban their destruction or incineration,” explained Denis Butaye, director of the Card Game Museum, in an interview with French media.

The museum has some great works on display. Among them is a 16th-century handcrafted tarot card corresponding to the “chariot”, which for connoisseurs means victory, overcoming obstacles and hope, or, conversely, danger, chaos and disease. As you can see, tarot cards don’t always have a divination purpose. In addition to its rich history, the museum also hosts gaming events and an annual poker tournament. It also features card magic shows and teaches academic card pastimes such as “Uta-garuta,” a Japanese game of reciting poems through decks of cards.

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The Card Game Museum is a must-see for history, culture and card game lovers. Its diverse and fascinating collection offers a unique perspective on the development and importance of playing cards over the centuries.

Learn about the card game at the museum

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  • This text provides a detailed description of the Museum of Cards in Paris, highlighting its unique collection and offerings for card game enthusiasts. It also delves into the history and origins of playing cards, showcasing their evolution over the centuries. Overall, it presents the museum as a must-visit destination for those interested in history, culture, and card games.

  • I think this text provides intriguing information about the Museum of Cards in Paris, highlighting its unique collection and the history of playing cards. It seems like a fascinating destination for card game enthusiasts and those interested in exploring the cultural significance of these games.

  • I think the text provides a fascinating insight into the history and cultural significance of playing cards, with a specific focus on the Museum of Cards in Paris. It highlights the evolution of card games over the centuries and the museum’s diverse collection, making it a must-see for enthusiasts of history, culture, and card games.

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