Leonardo Azevedo Wins KSOP GGPoker Advanced Warm Up Championship

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Leonardo Azevedo shines on t...

The KSOP GGPoker Premium Warmup Champion has been won. “At home”, Rio’s Leonardo Azevedo took advantage of his best home performance to win the game with the most cost-effective starting line-up. To complete a beautiful saga, the player from Rio de Janeiro has earned a six-figure sum on his account and will be able to play the entire series at his leisure.

Leonardo is a professional player and is currently playing for Pocarr Latina (Pocarr Latina) is doing well, especially in the final stage of the game, he won the championship. Leonardo left several good names at the final table, eventually qualifying out of 1,323 entrants and taking home R$140,000 for his performance in the tournament.

Barriga said of the success: “It’s been a lot of struggle, a lot of dedication, a lot of work. We know it’s not easy to make a living out of the sport, especially when you’re a pro. I’ve been in a downturn for over a year now…it’s a huge motivation to keep going. There’s something special about playing at home and the champions have to go to Rio anyway,” he said.

This The Rio pro came into the final table with the fourth-best stack, making a very solid decision. His stack is always good, and when eliminations happen his stack will increase. In the four-handed game, the decisive moment came when Leonardo took the lead in the game and never left.

He picked up a big hand against former chip leader Matheus Abrantes, eventually knocking out his strong opponent with a winning stack far superior to the competition. In a three-handed match, Elson Borges also lost to Leonardo Azevedo, while in a three-handed match against André Leão In the heads-up match, the Pocar player had a huge advantage. André was close to a draw, but Leonardo confirmed his preference and became the champion.

“In the foursomes, I thought it was over. Getting rid of Matthews made me more confident in the championship. I learned a lot of HU and I knew when I got there, It’s going to be difficult for them. I was leading at one point but it ended in a draw. But I stuck to the plan and everything went well,” said the warm-up champion.

During the entire final table, especially at critical moments, there were many spectators around Leonardo. Dov Santos was one of those who cheered for Rio, and even celebrated live-streamed after the victory was confirmed. Of course, Leonardo did not ignore this:

“Your support was a good encouragement and it made an impact. But I think I played well and I also ran a lot. Seats are standard.”, with only one or two difficult moves. It was easy in the end. I did mine and that’s all. ’ concluded the departing winner, ready to celebrate more.

Check out the final table prizes:

1. Placement – ​​Leonardo Azer Vito (Rio/RJ) – R$140,000

2nd Place – André Leão (São Paulo/São Paulo) – R$100,000

3rd – Elson Bol Elson Borges (Campo Grande/MS) – R$ 65,000

4. – Matheus Abrantes (Niteroi/RJ) – R$40,000

5 – Elvis Siqueira (Florianópolis/SC) – R$26,700

6. – Ramiro Vallejo (Colombia) – R$20,400

7. – Jorge Santos (São João do Meriti/RJ) – 17,000 Reals

8. Place – Vinícius Pinheiro (Tramandaí/RS) – R$14,190

9th Place 1st Place – Lucas Orli Watts (Volta Redonda/RJ) – R$12,000

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Leonardo Azevedo shines on t...


  • Based on the text, Leonardo Azevedo had an impressive performance in the KSOP GGPoker Premium Warmup Champion, winning a six-figure sum and securing a spot in the entire series. He faced tough competition and made strategic decisions that ultimately led to his victory.

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