Maurice Hawkins Sets WSOP Circuit Record After Winning 15th Ring

Maurice Hawkins Extends His WSOP Circuit Record wi...

Maurice Hawkins is warming up for the 2023 World Series of Poker where he feels most comfortable: the WSOP Circuit. On the court at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino in North Carolina, the pro defeated high rollers on stage to earn his 15th gold ring, once again becoming the only record holder for the traditional festival. The Florida star won $54,599 by sending home 91 players.

Hawkins quietly dominated the WSOP Circuit between January 2020 and April 2023, but less than 45 days ago, Joshua Reichard called his title the Main Chicago event. The performance of our compatriots. He said at the time that he didn’t care about numbers, but made an exception in order to equalize Hawkins.

“Honestly, I don’t care much for the record, but this” is cool. The WSOP website has pictures of all the record holders, of which Phil Hellmuth is there because he has the most bracelets. I thought it would be nice to sit next to him since we’re both from the same state (Wisconsin). . I think the photo of Morris will still be there, but it will motivate me even more,” Reichard told WSOP reporters.

Hawkins, on the other hand, is much less political. He is still on the WSOP website Called for more consideration of his championship record.

“Respect my name! I’m Maurice Hawkins. If you want to challenge me, just say so. ” “All right. I don’t like the passive-aggressive attitude of false modesty and pretending that I don’t care about the numbers when I actually do. Hawkins replied.

Hawkins now has $2.2 million – the largest WSOP circuit prize money in the festival’s history.

Maurice Hawkins Extends His WSOP Circuit Record wi...

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  • This text discusses Maurice Hawkins’ success in the WSOP Circuit and his recent win to become the record holder for the most gold rings in the traditional festival. It also highlights Joshua Reichard’s comments on wanting to equalize Hawkins’ title and Hawkins’ response showing his confidence and desire to be recognized for his achievements.

  • Rachael.bartell

    This text highlights Maurice Hawkins’ success in the WSOP Circuit, earning his 15th gold ring and becoming the only record holder for the traditional festival. Despite some controversy with Joshua Reichard, Hawkins remains focused and motivated to continue his winning streak. With $2.2 million in prize money, Hawkins now holds the largest WSOP circuit prize in history.

  • I think Maurice Hawkins is a highly skilled and accomplished poker player who takes pride in his achievements. His impressive record and competitive attitude are evident in his responses to challengers and his dedication to the game.

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