Nacho Barbero’s polemic: “MSI is for the poor”.

Nacho Barbero's polemic:

Without a doubt, 2023 is the year of Nacho Barbero . In those five months, his name has been widely known, thanks to a string of cashes that propelled him to the top of the poker world. He’s won championships around the world, been named to the new American Card Room professional team, and now a line that caused much controversy a few months ago has surfaced: “The ICM is for Prepared by the poor.”

His explosiveness has now landed him on the cover of Cardplayer International magazine, and they gave him an interview titled this line, but Nacho Barbero also talked about a lot of topics like his 2022 big hit in the world of cryptocurrencies suffering due to the collapse of the Luna digital currency. “I want to make $100 million,” Barbero pointed out. However, through this crush, he lost about 95% of his net worth in a matter of days.

It was a difficult time for the Argentines. “I was so depressed I didn’t have sex for two months,” he said. But in this state, he found redemption: “I told myself that the money would come back.”

A little over two months later, he started to deliver on his promise: the former Magic The pro entered the 2022 WSOP with 11 cash wins, most notably in the Event #67 $10K Super Turbo Bounty NLH where he won the Champion sold for $587,511 , Realized his dream of owning a bracelet. “I’m relieved. To be honest, it’s been a poker dream of mine to win a bracelet,” said Barbero.

Nacho Barbero standing next to his first bracelet.

But that’s not the end of the series. He continued raising money across Europe before heading to the Bahamas, where his biggest prize awaits. After five days of play, he finished fourth in the $25,000 PokerStars Players Championship for $1,551,300.

Instead of taking a break, Barbero headed to Vietnam and after a bumpy trip with several missed flights, he won his first Triton Series event and will A $15,000 buy-in becomes $600,000. He also finished second in another $25,000 event a few days later for an additional $460,000.

In March, Barbero returned to Las Vegas, where he worked part-time and made five final tables in PokerGO’s US Poker Open series, including in the $10,000 PLO series Win $234,000.

Nacho Barbero’s

poker career start

Nacho is a prominent Magic: The Gathering player who played the card strategy game professionally for six years, traveling world and participate in championships.

In 2002, when Argentina was going through a major social and economic crisis, Nacho decided to accept a friend’s invitation to go to France and find his future there: “This man later became one of my best friends. One, he said, ‘What are you doing? You?’ Why don’t you come to France and live in my house? I watch my country burn, I watch my country burn, I watch my country burn, I Watching my country burn. I watched my country burn so I told my mom I was sorry but I finished my studies and I wanted to go to France.

This is the first step into poker , because one thing led to another.” My friend Gabriel Nassif, one of the best Magic players of all time, joined me as a member of Team PokerStars Pro. “He went to the US and met other top Magic players, including current professional poker player David Williams , they introduced him to online poker.

Nacho Barbero is the Argentine National Magic Champion. The Argentine says he still plays high-stakes games.

“In France, I saw my friend testing decks, I saw him play $2 to $5 on partypoker. I asked him if I could play with his account and he said yes. The first night I played, I saw someone bet 2-3 different suits in a row in limit hold’em, which made me think it was a good hand. So you can imagine how I ended this session. It tore me to shreds. Somehow, I lost $800 playing limit hold’em, and I couldn’t sleep that night because I was shaking all over. But it’s still early days for online esports, and I see a lot of free money up for grabs. Then we started playing poker. “


Nacho Barbero

‘s path

After years of winning live tournaments including a historic triple title on the Latin American Poker Tour , the Argentine retired to cash games and barely played live games for two years, just to relax his focus on the high-stakes game.

“I had no real interest in playing four or five day tournaments where I could win or lose the same amount of money in one match. But after my incident with Luna, I went back to the tough Situation, difficult situation.” It started. But I really like it and now I’m more motivated.

Barbero has won his third LAPT trophy. So far no one has succeeded with him.

What is the largest cash pot you have played in your career?

Asked about the biggest pot he’s ever played in a cash game, the Argentine replied: “I was playing a private game in Las Vegas and a multi-millionaire showed up. First hand He raised and I called with A-4 of the suit. The flop was A-3-2, my flush draw. He bet and I called. The turn was the 10 and he checked. I bet $30,000 and he check-raised to $90,000. I called and the river turned into a brick. My opponent sent $200,000. I sat with a couple who hated my life at the time I ended up calling and the wild bastard was 9-5 behind.”

Is ICM for the poor?

ICM (Independent Chip Model) is based on the need to know the value of each chip at any point in the game. Do the chip values ​​change based on game time? Of course.

About two months ago, Barbero made a controversial withdrawal from a US Poker Open table and blurted out: “ICM is for the poor.” He is sweeping everything. At the time, Cardplayer Brasil wrote a post answering the sentence with a catchphrase like “No one can stop the year of Nacho!”, but without further context.

“ICM is for poor people” – Nacho Barbero, 2023 Nacho Barbero and Justin Young play a ridiculous hand with 5 hands left in US Poker Open 1. Barbero took ace jack and tested Young with his ace king. USPO 2023 is live now, with the final table live until April 4. Just follow all the action on PokerGO. Don’t forget to follow for more daily poker videos. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #poker #pokergo #nachobarbero #justinyoung #uspo #uspokeropen #texasholdem #pokertournaments #highstakespoker #tournamentpoker #goldeneagle

♬ OST – PokerGO

Now that the controversial phrase is on the cover of Cardplayer International, it’s once again causing a stir, especially as many tournament experts stress the importance of learning a standalone chip model in order to be able to compete in the tournament. The medium-pressure moments are excellent. The greatest is making complex decisions.

Nacho Barbero's polemic:

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