PokerOK’s Road to Triton

Road to Triton: PokerOK Satellites from $12

Road to Triton на ПокерОК

Triton Poker always organizes big events in the form of series High Roller This is the most important. The average buy-in for a tournament is as high as $25,000, and it’s clear that not all pros have the opportunity to pay that much. PokerOK is making high rollers’ inventories easier via satellite.

The lobby of the room has added satellites for the Triton Poker series, which will be held in Northern Cyprus in May. Last year, the stage was a huge success in terms of registrations. Organizers also expect record numbers of visitors in 2023.

The poker festival will kick off with the GGMasters live tournament, with a buy-in of $26,500. The package path for this series is as follows:

You can also book this tour with a more expensive satellite starting price:

  • $30 satellite → $250 satellite entry.
  • 250 satellites → $250 satellites → $2,625 satellites to qualify.
  • 2,625 satellites → Join GGMasters Live.

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When is the eligibility deadline?

You have until early May to attempt to qualify for the series. There are also layered satellites in the lobby, which run hourly.

If live tournaments aren’t your thing, PokerOK is also hosting another big event in May: the GGPoker World Festival. The series had a total guarantee of $200 million, a world record for a poker room.

Road to Triton: PokerOK Satellites from $12

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  • This text highlights the upcoming Triton Poker series in Northern Cyprus, which is known for its high buy-ins of up to $25,000. PokerOK is offering satellite tournaments to make it more accessible for professionals to participate. Additionally, it mentions the GGPoker World Festival in May, which has a record-breaking guarantee of $200 million.

  • Frieda.heathcote

    This text discusses the upcoming Triton Poker series and how PokerOK is making it easier for players to participate through satellite tournaments. It also mentions the GGPoker World Festival happening in May with a record-breaking guarantee of $200 million.

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