PokerStars US security data breach revealed

PokerStars US security data breach revealed

PokerStars US (operated by TSG Interactive US Services Limited) suffered a security breach due to a vulnerability in the deployed MOVEit File Transfer application Developed by Progress Software Group.

The situation exposed the personal information of some AOL gamers who may have been victims of a cyber attack. Russia Ransomware Group “Cl0p”.

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The Company Responded quickly after the vulnerability was discovered on June 2nd, discontinuing MOVEit and making a fix for a thorough investigation with the help of outside experts. They have also notified law enforcement and are cooperating fully with the investigation.

In a letter dated 20th July 2023, PokerStars US notified affected players that some files were Vulnerabilities, data connected to the platform may have been copied by unauthorized third parties. The leaked data could include names, addresses, social security numbers, and other personal information.

It is estimated that approximately 110,291 US players may have been affected. It’s unclear if the total includes only players from Michigan and New Jersey, where they regularly play, or if players from Penn are also included.

The venue responded quickly.

The room referred the violation to the Maine Attorney General’s Office, but it is likely that other US jurisdictions are conducting similar investigations. It is estimated that approximately 400 companies were affected by this massive MOVEit breach.

The company has taken additional steps to mitigate the impact of the incident, including offering free 24-hour monitoring of affected customers beyond Experian IdentityWorks hours. in one opinion. They state that “data security is a top priority for PokerStars US” and are committed to continuing to provide players with a safe environment to enjoy their services.

This security breach at PokerStars US is a reminder of the importance of protecting personal data and preparing for cyber threats in today’s digital world. Cooperating with experts and authorities is critical to investigating and resolving these incidents, while transparency from affected customers is critical to maintaining trust in companies that handle sensitive information.

PokerStars US security data breach revealed


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    This text informs about a security breach at PokerStars US caused by a vulnerability in the MOVEit File Transfer application, resulting in the exposure of personal information. The company has responded swiftly by discontinuing the application, conducting a thorough investigation, and notifying law enforcement.

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