Rodrigo Selouan takes the lead in Event 6 at Triton London

Rodrigo Selouan takes the lead in Event 6 at Trito...

Two 9tales stars join the race for another high roller title at the Triton Series in London. At the end of Day 1 of Event 6: US$60,000 NL Hold’em, Rodrigo Seloun finished fifth with 1,030,000 chips (about 69 BBS). Meanwhile, Bruno Volkmann was under the tournament limit of 650,000. Overall, the Santa Catarina pro has 585,000 chips and just over 39 BBS are available.

While Selouan has never been an ITM for Triton, Volkmann took part in his third FT a few days ago at the festival a few years ago. In Event 2: US$25,000 NL Hold’em GGMasters, he finished third for US$324,000.

Towards the end of the day, Rodrigo Seiji lost all his chips. Before him, Yuri Martins and Pablo Brito were also eliminated.

The leader of the 32 survivors was Jason Koon. The Triton record holder and seven-time champion has 1,570,000 in chips.

The promotion will continue on Tuesday the 1st at 8:30am (Brasilia time) with 17 participants taking part in a $6,240,000 prize pool. Check out all the prizes up for grabs:

1. $1,570,000

2. $1,060,300

3. $690,000

4. $571,000

5. $460,600

6. $363,000

7. $277,500

8. $209,000

9. $156,000

10-11. $128,000

12-13. $112,300

14-15. $103,000

16-17. $98,000

Rodrigo Selouan takes the lead in Event 6 at Trito...


  • This text provides information about the current standings and chip counts of players participating in the Triton Series in London. It also highlights the prize pool breakdown for the event.

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