Victor Pertile shows off 2023 Grind numbers

Victor Pertile looks back on the hardships of 2023...

Professional poker is undoubtedly an extremely difficult task, as it requires a lot of effort, and due to the variability of the game, the goal of winning is not always achievable. In 2023, many players have experienced such a situation, some suffered losses, while others experienced ups and downs but made good profits. Such is the case with professional player Victor Pertile.

In early 2024, Pertile decided to share on Instagram how last year’s online gaming table ended with a profit of $191,640. However, for those who think it will be easy, Victor takes the opportunity to show that not everything is just “flowers” when it comes to a career dedicated to gaming.

Victor’s total buy-in investment amounted to an impressive $871,320. Over the 12 months of the year, he played 2,813 games, losing half of them. Half the battle. His biggest win came in March with a return of 180.58% and a profit of $126,020.

After June, Pertile experienced a slump and career problems, but he regained confidence in October and posted profits of $103,000 in November and December.

Although it was a very successful season, the difference in the competition is cruel after all. Victor Pertile took this opportunity to reflect on his performance in 2024 and further improve.

Victor Pertile looks back on the hardships of 2023...

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  • This text highlights the challenges of professional poker, emphasizing the effort required and the uncertainty of winning. It provides a specific example of player Victor Pertile’s ups and downs throughout the year, showcasing the highs and lows of his career and his determination to learn and improve from his experiences.

  • This text highlights the challenges and variability of professional poker, showcasing Victor Pertile’s experiences in 2023 where he faced both losses and profits. Despite a successful season, Victor recognizes the competitive nature of the game and intends to reflect and improve on his performance in 2024.

  • This text highlights the challenges and uncertainties of professional poker, showcasing player Victor Pertile’s experience in 2023. While Pertile ended the year with a significant profit, it is emphasized that success in this career requires immense dedication, effort, and resilience in the face of losses and competition.

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