Winamax Sunday Funday almost 1 million euros in prize money

Winamax Sunday Funday almost 1 million euros in pr...

It was a good day at Winamax .fres yesterday with a multi-table tournament featuring the Sunday Funday event. The room hosted 34tournaments with jackpots over €10,000, including 1 .€63 millionPrizes are distributed.

7 Funday events starting with €750,000guaranteed and ending with €919,000 in prize money.

  • Battle Royale150 Euros 150,000 GTD. A total of 1,936 participants and a prize pool of 174€, 240. The contest was won by “whale777” for €18, 467. Bonus 94.
  • Xtase €50130k GTd. There were 3,537 entries with a prize pool of € 159 ,
  • 165. The winner “WuWei” received prizes of 16€, 841, 33 go home with you. b>.
  • €50,000 GTD. 10€ Deepstack AfterWork has a field with 8,440 entries and a pot worth 76€,960. The winner “aneharmony” received €6,514. 02.
  • 25 EUR for prime time120,000 GTD Also interesting numbers: 6,464 Participants and cash €145 >,440. “I DontWannaA” won and took home €12,370.25.
  • 125 Euro120kGtd. HighRoller has 1,098 participants and a pot of €125, 172. Winner is “MuchAloha“, cashed in prizes 13€, 434, 93 up.
  • EUR 100,000. €75 Main EventKO 1,974 entries, pot €133, 245. The winner is “tuzapato” (16 Euros, 187.37) .
  • Purple 250€100k Gtd. cannot usually be played by Spanish residents as its buy-in fee is € 500 , and our laws only allow us to spend a maximum of 250 euros in a tournament. That’s exactly what the Purple team bought into at Fondi. The tournament had a total of 457 participants and a prize pool of €106, 024. The winner is “JimboKern” with a deposit of 17€,286. 50.

In addition to the Funday event, “Thunder2-FaB” won the Sunday Surprise Mystery 10 € with a cash prize of8 Euros, 994, 17 and additional a Two people to Two-week trip in Texas and Louisiana.

Here are the results of Sunday’s MTT with jackpot over €10,000 :

A regular tournament awaits us today.

Responsible Play. Online poker rooms have various systems in place to encourage responsible play (such as self-exclusion or deposit limits).

Winamax Sunday Funday almost 1 million euros in pr...


  • The text provides a detailed overview of the multi-table tournaments held at Winamax.fres, showcasing the number of participants, prize pools, and winners. It also highlights the responsible play initiatives implemented by online poker rooms.

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