WSOP: Armada Slams Big in Explosive Event #65

WSOP: Armada Slams Big in Explosive Event #65

Event #65: $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em (6 Max) was a huge hit at the WSOP at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas. Excluding attendees who used late registration on the second day, attendance surpassed the 920 attendees for 2022, as 1,098 submissions were received on day one. The current prize pool is $5,046,200, surpassing the prize pool that entered the first level on Thursday.

4Cacho Korn battles Stars for another bracelet

There are only 381 hopefuls left, including several Hispanic Latinos and a large number of Brazilians. The Uruguayan duo Fabrizio Gonzalez and Pablo Melogno lead the former in 64th and 65th place respectively. Today they have a chance to move up the rankings.

As well as Nacho Barbero, Maxi Veyga, Ariel Mantel, Leo Fernandez, Papo MC and Ezequiel Waigel, the Argentine is still in contention at the WSOP, albeit from a distance.

Yuliyan Kolev, WSOP Event #65 leader.

In an atypical podium, no American took the top spot. Yuliyan Kolev -bu- (521,500) leads the chip stack, but is followed by Ting Yi Tsai (471,500) and Ren Lin -ta- (368,000) behind his heels. The Bulgarian’s goal follows on from acquiring a new bracelet last year, which he remembers showing up using a KFC container as a hat. The flamboyant player has every chance of winning his second WSOP bracelet. What will he show in this situation?

Event #65: $5,000 Six-Hand No-Limit Hold’em

Buy-In: $5,000Participants: 1,097Partial Pot: $5,046,200*. Average Chip Stack: 140,945*Registration is still open.

Counting Top 10

1° Yuliyan Kolev – 521,0002° Cai Tingyi – 471.5003° -ta- Punnat Punsri – 422.5004° Matt Burkey – 370,0005° Tony Lim – 369,0006° Jonathan McCann – 364,0007° Zachary Greche – 360,0008° Pavel Spirin – 356.5009° Cody Jones – 325,00010° Carlos Chada-Villamarin – 317,000

Latino (Spanish speaking) on ​​the run

64. Fabrizio Gonzalez – 233,50065. Pablo Melonio – 233,500107° Nacho Barbero – 181.500116° Maximiliano Vega – 175.500155° Giuseppe Callio – 147.000182° Ariel Mantel – 130,500231° Leo Fernandez – 104,500236° Alejando Papo MC locomotive – 101,500237° Ezequiel Weigle – 101,500351° Christian Roberts – 45,000

*All Count

WSOP: Armada Slams Big in Explosive Event #65

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  • This text provides information about the attendance and prize pool of Event #65 at the WSOP, as well as highlighting some notable players and their current positions in the tournament. It also mentions Yuliyan Kolev, the current chip stack leader, and his chances of winning his second WSOP bracelet.

  • The text provides information about Event #65 at the WSOP, highlighting the large number of participants, the current prize pool, and the leading players. It also mentions the presence of Hispanic and Brazilian players, as well as the absence of an American player in the top spot.

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    This text provides information about Event #65 at the WSOP, highlighting the high attendance and prize pool. It also mentions notable players, including Yuliyan Kolev, who currently leads the chip stack. The text specifies the rankings of some Latino players in the competition.

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